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Quality Control

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Spectrum Electrical Services, Inc routinely implements several levels of quality assurance and quality control.  Each step allows Spectrum to provide the superior service that its customers expect.  Spectrum's comprehensive quality program ensures that the work being completed meets the necessary requirements of the contract plans and specifications.


Spectrum’s Project Manager will meet with the client and review the quality controls and details of project phases.  Quality controls are initiated immediately during this preliminary inspection and will continue with various on-site inspections throughout the project's duration and will not conclude until the final inspection.


Inspections will be conducted at the job site to monitor safety and the daily progress of the work being completed.  The on-site Field Superintendent, who is responsible for the day-to-day operations of each project, will turn in daily progress reports at the end of each day.  These records will be kept to ensure the completion of all work in a timely and efficient manner.  All reports and additional submissions will be given to the Project Manager, who will be kept abreast of all work in progress and will keep in constant contact with the client.


For this reason Spectrum has consistently provided its customers with quality work.  Our proven track record speaks for itself; we have enjoyed lasting relationships with our customers and through our service department continue to maintain these good relationships.


In every job, Spectrum consistently provides the high level of quality and service that a client should expect.

Management Philosophy  |   Partnering  |   Quality Control   |   Teaming Approach

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