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Design / Build Services
The Design Build methodology of contracting enables clients to expedite design and fast track construction projects worldwide. Successful projects are the result of a continuous dialog with clients through out all phases of the design build process.

Spectrum has successfully utilized its extensive experience with U.S. Government agencies. As evidenced with it’s previous track record with The U.S. Department of State. Spectrum firmly believes in the KISS (Keep It Simple Spectrum) methodology. This approach enhances the intent of our client’s Design Build requirements.

Spectrum does not have layers of overhead in its management team in contrast to other companies. During the design build process, our project managers will have first hand knowledge of any issues that may be raised by the client during the contract implementation. This management style has historically been proven effective. The response time to any administrative, technical, design and/or construction issue will be addressed and resolved in an expeditious manner. This reduces the total professional time required to implement and perform a task order. The major benefit is lower cost and decreased design and administrative time, and enabling the fast track process.

The Design Build Team for each project includes a Project Manager, Architectual, Mechanical, Electrical, Structural engineers along with a Site Superintendent. However, the Design Build team composition will be coordinated with the requirements set forth in the client’s Statement of Work. This team is experienced in estimating, purchasing, logistical project implementation, site mobilization and scheduling.
The project manager will have the authority to address and negotiate all contract matters with the client.

Electrical Contracting Services
• Fire Alarm and Detection Systems installation
• Ladder cable tray installation
• Low voltage distribution installation
• Emergency and Prime generator installation
• Solar Photovoltaic panels
• Lightning Protection
• Building automation systems
• Energy Conservation & Recovery (passive and active)
• Manual and automatic load transfer switch installation
• Interior and exterior power and lighting retrofit
• Grounding grid installation and testing
• UPS battery back-up systems
• Life safety systems
• Computer room power wiring
• LAN wiring
• Data and Communication wiring
• Elevator modernization electrical & F/A support
• Tenant fit out
• Site lighting installation
• Automatic Voltage Regulators installation
• Ladder cable tray installation
• Medium and High voltage sub-station installation
• Medium and High voltage conduit and cable installation
• Medium and High voltage testing
• Medium and High voltage termination
• Duct bank installation
• Service calls & support

Specialized Construction
• Shielded rooms
• Elevator modernization electrical & F/A support
• Building automation systems
• Energy Conservation & Recovery (passive and active)

Design / Build Photovoltaic Power System
• Design Photovoltaic system to augment prime power
• Existing roof space/area utilized to size & design Photovoltaic Power system
• High efficiency solar panels
• Grounding, Shielding, Bonding
• Roll up inverters
• Existing building structural, architectural, electrical modifications
• Solar Power tied into existing power grid and controls
• Monitoring and Display Power Output

Design / Build Fire Alarm System Upgrade
• Design and Specification development
• New FACP, Annunciator panel, Smoke detectors, Manual Stations, Bells, ADA Strobes, Monitor and Relay Modules
• Monitor and Interface with Existing building Sprinkler, Fire Pump, Water Flow, Air Handler, Stair Pressurization and Elevator Recall System.

Design / Build Boiler Replacement
• Boiler installation
• New piping, flue breaching, pumps, valves installation
• Expansion tank, gauges installation
• Coordinated phased systematic demolition of existing system and installation of new system

Design / Build Automatic Temperature Controls for NEC Heating System
• Flanged immersion heater installaion
• Plate heat exchanger installation
• Immersion heater control panel installation
• Direct digital control

Design / Build PCC Build out
• Automatic Voltage Regulators
• RFI Filters
• Panelboards, Feeders
• Chiller Fan Coil Units
• Vault Doors

Design / Build Chiller replacement
• 400 ton chiller installation
• Cooling tower installation
• Condenser installation
• Chilled water line installation
• Pump installation
• Structural steel and pads
• Motor control center and panel for chiller equipment
• Replacement of water treatment system

Contract Management
• Computerized project management
• Computerized project scheduling utilizing Microsoft Project schedule software
• Quality assurance and Quality control
• Job safety training and performance program
• Payroll compliance reporting
• Materials and systems test results reporting
• Computerized estimating and change order pricing
• Submittal control
• Procurement and expediting
• Secure and non-secure material receiving and storage
• Secure and non-secure material handling, staging and consolidation and containerization
• Secure and non-secure material shipping via air and ocean freight
• Shipment tracking and expediting

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